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When Applying for Tenancy

When you decide to rent a property through Hastings Valley Hastings Valley Real Estate, you will need to fill in an Application Form. You will also be asked to identify yourself where points are required for identification. Acceptable forms of identification are documents such as:

  • A Drivers Licence / Proof of Age card
  • A Passport
  • Bank Statements
  • Previous rent receipts / tenant history ledger etc

Beyond this, you will be required to supply information about where you have previously rented, also rental reference will be required.


Office Policy

Hastings Valley Property Management is conveniently located at 32 High Street , Wauchope.

Our Property Management Department may be contacted Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or Saturday 9am to 12 noon in person, by telephone on 6585 2888
fax 6585 2880 e-mail rental@bigpond.net.au or by making an appointment with reception.

Your rent is to be paid into the Holiday Coast Credit Union by way of deposit book or by direct debit. Cheque are not accepted.

Tenants are not permitted to make any improvements, modifications or add inclusions to the dwelling or grounds without the prior approval of the landlord.

A residential tenancy agreement is a legal contractual arrangement between our client and you. Your rental history is a crucial part of your ability to obtain future rental accommodation. It is in your best interest that you keep your rental payments up to date, as failure to do so will appear on your tenant history ledger, which a future-letting agent may ask, to sight. Once your rent is 14 days overdue you will be sent a termination notice. Unless you rectify your rent payments, eviction proceedings will occur.

We also advise that our office is a member of Tenancy Information Centre Australia (TICA), which is a default tenant report agency. If a breach of the Residential Tenancy Agreement occurs then your personal information could be listed on a tenant database. Should a tenant be listed on the TICA Database that person may find difficulties in relocating as TICA has a large membership throughout Australia and your default details could remain there for a considerable time.

We do look forward to a harmonious agent/tenant relationship, and we will only take the above course of action when absolutely necessary.


Maintenance Request Tips

As specialists in our field we take pride in our professionalism at all levels. This includes adherence to the Residential Tenancy Act which requires us to maintain the leased property as closely as possible to its condition when the tenancy commenced. We rely on our tenants to help us with this. When any repair or maintenance problem needs our attention, we ask that tenants notify us in writing as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, we ask you to contact us so that we can provide clarification or advice where necessary.

No Power?

  • Have you contacted Your electricity provider? There may be a fault in the street.
  • If renting a unit - Have you checked with a neighbour? If in a block of units it may be the Body Corporate that needs to be contacted for action.
  • Have you checked your fuse box? There may have been an overload and the safety switch has been activated and needs resetting.
  • Have you checked that one of your appliances is not faulty? Unplug all appliances in the house. Reset the safety switch in the meter box. Plug in the fridge and turn on the power point, check the safety switch. If the safety switch clicks off then you know that there is a fault with the fridge and you need to get it repaired. Otherwise disconnect the fridge and plug in the stereo and continue checking all appliances until the faulty appliance is located. If the electrician attends to the job and finds the fault with one of your appliances, then you will be charged for the service fee.

No Hot Water?

  • Is it Gas or Electric?
  • Have you arranged for the connection of your Gas or Electricity?

If it is an Electric Hot Water System -  Have you checked to see if your hot water system needs refilling/topping up? There is normally a copper valve on electric hot water systems and an overflow pipe - Instruct the tenant to pull up this lever until a flow of water starts coming out of the overflow pipe. This quite commonly needs to carried out every six months or so. Have you checked the fuse in the meter box. Has someone turned off the fuse by mistake. Have you checked that the water tap on the hot water system itself is turned on?

If it is a Gas Hot Water System  - Have you checked to see if your pilot light has gone out? Some units can be easily relit - others may require a tradesperson. Are the gas cylinders empty. If so, you need to contact the gas company and arrange to fill the cylinders.

Lights or Power Points not working?

  • Have you checked your fuse box? If there has been an overload the safety switch may need resetting.
  • Have you replaced the light bulb?

Stove Elements are not working?

  • Have you checked the connections to make sure they are not loose or dirty? Sometimes pulling the element out and cleaning them and putting back in again can fix the problem.

Kitchen / Bathroom sink blocked?

  • Have you tried using some draino to try and free the blockage?
  • Have you tried pouring boiling water down the sink to free up old soap & hair?
  • Do not put fat and oil into the drain as these will clog up the pipes.

If the tenant is suffering from a major blockage with sewerage overflow then these would not be a good suggestion. If the complaint is that there sink is taking a lot time to drain away the water the above suggestions would be appropriate.


Entering & Vacating The Premisis

Things to do before you move in

  • Ensure that the gas, electricity, and telephone are connected and in your name.
  • Make sure you have contents insurance on your possessions. The owner's insurance cannot under any circumstances cover your goods.

Vacating Notice

As a tenant, when you want to end the tenancy, you must give correct notice in writing on our specified vacating notice form. This written notice can be posted, hand delivered or faxed. Make sure you allow four additional working days if you are posting your notice.

For a fixed term agreement, you must give 14 days written notice before the last day of the fixed term. If you don't, then the agreement becomes a continuing agreement and a longer notice period of 21 days applies to end the tenancy.


We conduct periodic inspections on the properties we manage. These inspections allow us to report to the property owners on the condition of their property and equally, to help us to resolve any issues residents may have with their tenancy.

We prefer a tenant to be at home when we visit. If you are a shift worker, we will negotiate a date and time around your working week.

Our normal practice is to give a minimum of seven days notice of a routine inspection.

Rental Payments

Rental payments are due each 2 weeks in advance If you are a propective tenant looking for a rental property, please contact us - we lease properties in the Hastings Valley .



From the mouth of the Hastings and Camden Haven Rivers west to the Great Dividing Range with a coastline of 84kms. Total area is 3,739sqkms. The topography of the area is very diverse ranging from sand dunes, coastal wetlands, flood plains and mountain regions and rainforests.

Climate: Temperature range is 7-27°C. The area enjoys the best climate in Australia, with the maximum daytime temperature not going above 30 degrees C or below 15 degrees C.

Major Towns/Suburbs: Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Laurieton, North Haven, Dunbogan, Comboyne, Kendall, Kew, Bonny Hills, Lake Cathie .

Transport Access: Air, rail, interstate and local coach services.

Surrounding Areas: Kempsey, Taree, Tamworth.

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